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The Burlington Beat began in June of 2017 and aims to be a small concentrated sample of the creativity that exists in every corner of our beautiful city, Burlington, VT. There are those who have made their art their living, others who treat it as a hobby--some who have been honing their skills for years and others just starting out. You'll find all of that here.


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Want to submit to the Burlington Beat, but need a few ingredients to start?


Beatza will provide you with a vague "prompt" to use in your writing however you see fit. Perhaps the Beatza line inspires an epic fairy tale, perhaps it becomes the name of your protagonist's neighborhood diner, or maybe even her sister's new favorite brand of shampoo. 

Beatza runs on rolling submissions, and accepted work will be posted on the website as it is received. This means there are no deadlines, and submissions will be accepted for any Beatza line, past or present. 


Recipe for a Beatza:

1. Before you begin, let the phrase RAILYARD FISHING inspire you.

2. Work out your imagination and try not to take the prompt too literally, unless you want to (it is 2018, after all).

3. Take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 weeks to write your Beatza (whether it is prose, poetry, or whatever writing style you enjoy most, please write no more than 5 pages).

4. Submit your Beatza to the Burlington Beat!

5. One of the best parts of the Beatza, besides how fun they are to write, is seeing the variation of the interpretations the theme, so be sure to check back and see what others in the community have come up with.


Please email your submission to with the Beatza prompt you were inspired by in the subject line. All pieces should be MS word compatible.