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The Burlington Beat began in June of 2017 and aims to be a small concentrated sample of the creativity that exists in every corner of our beautiful city, Burlington, VT. There are those who have made their art their living, others who treat it as a hobby--some who have been honing their skills for years and others just starting out. You'll find all of that here.


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Janet Biehl

About the artist: Janet Biehl is a Burlington pen-and-inker and watercolorist, as well as an author, translator, and aspiring cartoonist. She earns her living as a freelance book copyeditor. Follow her on Instagram at @bluepencilvt. 



We’ve traveled the world of 22 countries -

Alaska the only unvisited blank spot on our US home map -

and we’ve ended up here.


Lifelong wanderlust

blissfully at rest.

For how long, who knows?

But so far, so good.

We’ve got grooves tracking through this land.

Not deadening ones of rote repetition

          of rote repetition

          of rote repetition

          of rote repetition

          that saps the soul of adventure.

Good ones of expectation

etched in the vinyl -

shaped into the vista of a favorite song on a beloved record,

mapping a completeness we didn’t expect to find here.


A treasure map of territory

hidden from view in plain sight.

If people knew,

everyone might be here.

We’ll keep it a little secret, then,

shall we?

But, actually, no.

Not in this land

of the inclusive spirit,

the welcoming arms,

the feisty fighters for all that is fair,

so we’ll share the map of the grooves

and ask the world in.

About the artist: Explorer of worlds, poet, visual artist.  Wielder of energy, builder of beauty, agent of evolution and culture. Founder and creative voice of The Poartry Project,, bringing the power of poetry and art to life to share the wonder, magic and intensely cool vibe of the world of energy behind the world of visible form. 

22 Countries + 22 Grooves



Di Sante

From the Artist: "As a lifelong dabbler in art, I began a more focused pursuit of my creativity when I moved to Vermont in 1999 after many years living overseas and in Hawaii.  I am a student of the natural world, and I mostly interpret it in an impressionistic/abstracted way, but I also enjoy the discipline of realistic figure drawing and portraiture." Find more at"


Brook Lisaius

'Subconscious Conduct' By Brook Lisaius

'Subconscious Conduct'

'Through The Facets' By Brook Lisaius

'Through The Facets'

About the Artist: "I been a resident of Burlington, Vermont my entire life, always exploring a variety of art mediums in a constant attempt to reflect my perceptions of the world, my emotions, and my intimate connection with the natural world.  I recently have focused on abstract acrylic painting, blending aspects of nature and the created world through geometric, as well as organic forms."


Brian Alvarado

engorge yourself

in a narrow, hollowed,

harrowing harbinger

of the pebbled unknown:


where do your nerves taper away?

do they derail themselves

off into milky granite,  

or do they find themselves


in the mossy, bristled, over-tow?


the creak grows wider beneath-

it goldens to beautiful again.


a silken, guided missile,

sent from depths

seemingly untrodden

necessitate your endurance.


how will your mere bones hold you up

in the enticing wake of calamitous fog?


anticipate better days

from the golden crag

will have emerged

in your will to


About the Artist: Brian Alvarado is a sonnet, bel canto opera, and craft beer enthusiast born and raised in the Bronx. He has been featured in print in Susquehanna University's RiverCraft, VCFA's Trailhead, and DenimSkin Review, and online in Contraposition, The Insomniac Propagandist, Squawk Back, and 3Elements Review, among others. He holds a degree in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University.  Find more:      Website           @brahvocado 


Misha Korch

From the artist: "I am an Illustrator & Graphic Artist from a little village in Belarus that is surrounded by a big wild forest. I always loved Nature although I have never had so much of an appreciation for it until I moved to New York City four years ago. Some days I struggled to find even a little piece of nature around me. This project of small Illustrations started for me from curiosity to find a little botanical inspiration around me. That’s become my Quest as well as my art therapy.  I hope these illustrations will bring you joy."


Linda Dulleba


'The Meadow,' Acrylic on Canvas. 16 x 20" 

'It's Complicated,' Acrylic, Oil, and Charcoal on canvas. 40 x 30"

From the Artist: "Tides of emotion are the guideposts of my life. Through my art, I endeavor to understand and express the human condition, our passions, the world we live in, and all our interconnectedness. My process involves exploring color and texture and letting the materials guide me to the outcome." Find more at:

Kimberly Madura 

Sea Love


Go to the water's edge

for Amphitrite's re-birth


Look from the deep sea

up to the horizon and

then up to the sky


the sea calls me back in


my spirit begs

to be next to that peaceful vastness,

my eyes long for water,

my mind yearns for the cooling blue saturation


layered shades of blues and greens:


          sky blue




          deep green


I am submerged in deep sea blue waves


A water immersion

born anew oh goddess of the sea

About the Artist: Kimberly Madura has been a social worker for the past 20 years. She has lived in Indiana and North Dakota.  She currently lives and writes in Vermont and had been published in several anthologies.


Bethan Wixey


'Blue Falcon' Acrylic on Wood

From the artist: "I am an artist and photographer and long time Burlingtonian. I work in all mediums and love to capture the beauty in the crazy world around me. Lately, my focus is on birds and mural installations. "Find Bethan on Instagram at wixey78. 

Corey Armpriester

From the artist: "Urban Vermont: AM-PM"is a work-in-progress photo essay (three years in the making) with a total of 460 images at present date. The images  submitted are specifically of Burlington Vermont, the full essay covers Burlington, Brattleboro, and Winooski Vermont urban centers (so far).


Andrew Keim

'Wendigo' by Andrew Keim

'Wendigo,' Graphite on paper. 24 x 16''

The Bell Jar Experiment, 1796, by Andrew Keim

'The Bell Jar Experiment, 1796,'  Ink and white chalk on vellum. 14 x 11''

Persea Americana by Andrew Keim

'Persea Americana,' Ink and white chalk on vellum. 14 x 11''


About the artist: Andrew has been drawing for many years and attended art schools in California and New York. Burlington, Vermont is Andrew's current home.

'Subconscious Conduct' By Brook Lisaius