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The Burlington Beat began in June of 2017 and aims to be a small concentrated sample of the creativity that exists in every corner of our beautiful city, Burlington, VT. There are those who have made their art their living, others who treat it as a hobby--some who have been honing their skills for years and others just starting out. You'll find all of that here.


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A Young Woman at Lake Champlain Waterfront

August 17, 2017

Beautiful poplar tree in summertime,

You wear your black hair tied in a bun,

Your dark Sicilian eyes, sharp as an eagle,

looking out from your watchful face.

You remind me of the tall, taut trees

Of Southern France,

or the country roads cut deep

into the white-chalked hills of Italy.

Every word of your life is captured

onto a child’s ruled paper, crushing the pain

of existence with a fist torn by a rapper’s edge…

Your unrest yearns for the limbs

of a tragic fate unsung,

along the shores of Lake Champlain.


In your nightmares, you walk the streets or

board a train, longing to escape

the brown horror of the woodpecker,

with extended wings, black and white,

about to overtake you. You fight your death

with written words; legends of youth,

but mistakes stalk you —

All there by the edge

of the Waterfront in Burlington.


How can I forget you!

Your soft voice, like silken thread

entwines me, as I remember

your cigarettes, lip gloss, limo shoes—

the world you carried to get into your ‘jive’.

I think of our walk into the

pitch-black night, looking

at sailboats stilled by the summertime air.


About the author: "My name is Luis Lázaro Tijerina. I am a published author, published by the small press in Vermont, RA Press. I have also been published in Onion River Review, St. Michel’s College. I am also published in Russia and Serbia regarding military history. I live in Burlington, VT."

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