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The Burlington Beat began in June of 2017 and aims to be a small concentrated sample of the creativity that exists in every corner of our beautiful city, Burlington, VT. There are those who have made their art their living, others who treat it as a hobby--some who have been honing their skills for years and others just starting out. You'll find all of that here.


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Michael Strauss & Tony Magistrale



The worst part of November is the 

no.  Implacable – as in no more light

or at least a different slant of it

appearing briefly from behind massive 

bruised blue thunder heads

possibly laden with snow

hanging along the horizon

heavy, like over-ripe fruit that some

farmer let go to seed.  The worst part 

is November’s surgical edge that blows

against us late afternoon, cutting through

coats and jackets suddenly no longer 

warm enough.  The worst part is the utter 

solemnity of it all – summer’s distant memory

fading into early winter twilights

devoid of sentimentality, the no

in the face of desire with a clear 



Canada Geese


1:48 a.m., restive sleep

as we ride another year’s autumnal wind

through the thousand maple leaves

in my front yard, like fingers through 

so much old paper, and I think 

was there ever a time

these serene blond birds and I 

shared anything in common?

Besides of course the birthing and the dying

and the struggling in between. 

In my mind, I watch them maintain

their symmetrical V-formations

high above my house, pushing compulsively 

south, their shrill staccato honking 

an exotic fellowship

across an ocean of cold night air.



Paintings by Michael Strauss

TOP: "November," Acrylic and Ink, 11 x 14”

BOTTOM: "Canadian Geese Over Lake Champlain," Watercolor and Ink, 11 x 14”


Poems by Tony Magistrale




About the artist: Michael Strauss is an Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at UVM, and teaches art in the Honors College, the College of Arts and Sciences, for the OSHER Life Long Learning Program, and at galleries and other institutions around Vermont.  His paintings have been exhibited in galleries and other venues in Vermont.  For a more extensive view of Strauss’s paintings and books visit his website at


About the poet: Tony Magistrale is professor of English at the University of Vermont.  His most recent book of poetry is DIALOGUES AMONG LOST TOURISTS, to be published in the fall by Finishing Line Press.  Mike Strauss painted the cover art for the volume.  



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