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Lindsay Kipperman

October 31, 2017



In morning shine we bask

thick skin protects prenatal winter air

from eating my bones.

Zip from navel to neck-

Only in the Sun’s shine do I feel warmth,

even wool covered toes.


It is one thing to see seasons change

life green turned fire red-

But to feel, with each moment,

wrinkle, breath, blink.

Ever approaching age.


I sip my tea and look to the forest.

Where the is no filter or blanket

Only embodied seasons-

Bird’s routine of flight in the morning

to play in the first sun’s kiss.

Chipmunks sitting tall in a pine

simple snaps of branches tossed below,

in preparation for a winter fortress.

Gentle turkeys grazing in nomadic packs,

old chirping quietly to their young.


These natural patterns continue to unfold in natural patterns.

We are not separate.

My tea is steaming like smoke from a witches cauldron.

I look to the forest and feel at home,

turn my head and see my home.


My bones are loose and thawed,

skin melted into a puddle

waiting to be froze again tonight.

Sun shines, leaves change color

life green turned fire red-

I sip my tea and look to the forest.


Lindsay Kipperman is a naturalist by heart and profound lover of the forest. New Hampshire native transplanted to the Burlington area.  

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