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The Burlington Beat began in June of 2017 and aims to be a small concentrated sample of the creativity that exists in every corner of our beautiful city, Burlington, VT. There are those who have made their art their living, others who treat it as a hobby--some who have been honing their skills for years and others just starting out. You'll find all of that here.


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Michelle Wallace

October 31, 2017





Michelle Wallace of 'Nature Mandala Art :: Vermont' gathers natural materials from the forests, fields and gardens surrounding her home to create unique and one-of-a-kind nature mandalas. Her art is a meditation on really noticing the beauty of the plants throughout the seasons. Each mandala may last only a few hours or a few days. One photograph is selected and then the mandala is cast into the winds with a one word meditation, aspiration or intention. Follow new designs throughout the seasons on: Instagram and Facebook Art Prints, Cards and Gifts available locally and online at



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